Larry A. Walker



The ocean surrounded the orange flame

Like Indians dancing around a fire.

It screamed, yielding its glow

To a darkening sky.


The Twin Peaks snubbed the lowly reaches of Frisco.

And the Bay inked a black pool of phantoms.

The eyes of the gods twinkled

Lighting darkened streets below.


Through the dark flickers of night birds

I paused at the wonder

Of a half moon, ruling the eastern sky

tingling my spine.


I set my sights upon another Half Moon,

A Bay down the Pacific Line,

A marvelous wonder,

My new home down Highway One.††††††††


Iíll play in the waters

Iíll dance on the waves

Iíll dive to worlds beneath

And entertain new playmates in the sea.


A man Iíll become

Standing proud and free,

As I look toward a new view

Down the coastal glide.