Larry A. Walker



Whence the relish

      Of iron men in rubber suits?


Lured into cities without boundaries,

      Dimly lighted lanes

In walled ruins,

      Eely homes in sunken treasures.


Entering nature’s sculptured aquacade,

      Built by polyp artisans in fibrous jellies,

Reefy tributes to slimy amoeboids midst

      Crustaceous domes of dimmed phosphorescence.


Dwellers in salad green waters

      With blue and purple sparkle,

Genres of giants and midgets

      Eye the invaders with suspicion.


Finny schools dart meaninglessly,

      Automons in reflex,

An ensemble of flashing dizziness

      In striped opalescence.


Egotistical iridescent piscis parade

      In elegant designs of gaudy colors

Painted by nature’s aquarellist.

      They cohabitate in unquiet disarray.


Felicific rainbows glide aimlessly

      Into gladiators’ pits

Of Darwin’s darlings

      Creating unsuspecting atrocities.


Whiskered scavengers of recycled calamities

       Raid nadir’s barnyard ignored.

Flowery petals wooing innocent life

       Set their coup de main.


  Behemoths plunder the depths

       Quaffing ponderous planktonic fog,

Spreading fear in tsunamis

      Stirred in homeless migrations.


Dent nosed dullards

      Swim free, terrorists

Feeding on denizens of iridescent beauty,

      Hors d’ oeuvres before their time.


Whence the relish

      Of iron men in rubber suits?


Aquanauts in goggle-eyed plastic,

      These voyeurs of untouched worlds,

The bold invaders of aqueous realms are

      Victims of gorgeous seductions.


The insatiable lust for serendipitous

      Ventures in Atlantis’ charms

Drive to exhaustion    

      Their will-o’-the-wisp.