Larry A. Walker



Raging beasts God did prepare

      To rid my soul’s debris

Who paid Jonah’s bill of fare

      For a rendezvous in the sea.


Snatched from death’s cold grasp

      Off the Atlantic’s reefy weave,

I fled the demons’ screeching clasp

      And yearned for Jonah’s reprieve.


Clothed in others’ prayers

      To heaven’s gate I came

With nothing in my hands, but theirs;

      Unfit, I bear Jonah’s shame.


Angelic beings and saints in white

      Around the throne in jubilee.

 It was glory scripted in light

      But from Jonah’s pit, it’s hard to see.


About me they’ve spoken!

      My cry echoed Jonah’s vow,

“For those I’ve left behind broken,

      Repentance is crucial now.”


The return, an amazing affair, 

      Fired in me a noble aim

To seek Ninevah’s repair,

      And right Jonah’s shame.


Grace undeserved shines bright

      Against the dark pain of my sin,

A story of glorious light,

      Hope for all of Jonah’s kin.