Larry A. Walker



Quiet devastation in vicious assault

      Screams across my love’s mind

Leaving trails devoid of memory.

      I cannot bear it.


Life’s cruelty falls like cast dice.

      Is not one love quieted enough?

Must I another languishment see?

      Such is too much for me!


Is it cowardice to flee the earthquake?

      Anguish like crying children,

Fills my heavy heart.

      I want no ordered principle.


My love’s pain is too painful

      And mine too painful too.

I fear sanity’s loss

      For those courageous to care.


Birds fly freely.

      Critters scurry about unfettered.

Children play in the sun.

      But I am a man shackled.


An easier path compels.

      But like a man snared, I wander

Through a sorry labyrinth

      With boarded exits.


Infamy’s mark looms heavy.

      An indictment of briny fire,

A fugitive from my conscience’s demands,

      I feel angry hands grasp my throat.